revenant:paiva (2010)

(c) Ana Fernandes, Binaural

In collaboration with Patrick McGinley and Portuguese artists Luis Costa and Tiago Carvalho in November 2010 Nodar Art residency.

The project took place in northeast Portugal along the Paiva River as part of the Paivascapes Festival at Binaural Media in the small village of Nodar. Under the umbrella of the wider 'revenant:sound' project, it deals with site-specific performative sound actions recorded in locations along the river and presented as 5 short films. The artists will screen the films, discuss both the Paiva and general revenant projects, and will also present some other 'revenant:sound' works featuring other artists.

'revenant:sound' is an ongoing project with open membership that focuses on site-specific acoustic actions; each is a document of a specific moment in time in a specific location. The name derives from a concept of spatial memory, or, more specifically, of the long-term gestural memory of space; the ability of a location to retain an imprint or trace of activity or energy that has been present therein.

Listen and watch result here:
Metal bridge
(youtube video)