"Leaving Tartu"/ "Tartust ära" (2011)
Y-galerii 16.09-30.10-2011


Anna Hints (b 1982) has graduated from the Tartu Art College
in photography. A sophomore studying to be a director in the Baltic Film and Media School in Tallinn. Has had personal and group exhibitions in Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Portugal and Mexico. The main focus of her work is on personal and cultural memory, the (im)possibility of communication. An important method of expression is the voice. She combines old runic songs and vocal improvisation. Has sung with Mari Kalkun and Kristiina Ehin in England and Scotland and in the group Vaikuse Koosolek. Is a member of the Binauralmedia Associated Artists.

Marja-Liisa Plats: “I met Anna Hints first in Tartu. Looking back, any of the days in these six shared school years, the fact that we even managed to find ourselves in the same location seems like a coincidence because Anna for me does not associate with any above-earth place. I recommend asking about her in the mole’s den (she digs and ponders there between the roots), the cellar, the hut of the foremothers or in space.”


Eva Labotkin (b 1982) lived in Tartu for 25 years. After that she has remained in orbit around Tartu on concentric circles.

Anna Hints: “Eva yearns to be a perfect transparent geometric shape. Free from any reference to gender, race, age, homeland, childhood. It’s that escapism that has lost both “Tartu” and “away”.”


Marja-Liisa Plats (b 1984) has graduated from the Tartu Art College in photography and works as an illustrator. Has participated in group exhibitions in Estonia and in Portugal. First personal exhibition with Anna Hints. In the years 2008–2010 she sang in the vocal group Vaikuse Koosolek, is interested in experimental voice usage. Has been reading children’s books already from an early age.

Toomas Thetloff: “Marja-Liisa has not tried to leave Tartu for once during her 26 years and this attempt is already doomed in advance. I don’t understand why Marja-Liisa participates in this exhibition.”


Toomas Thetloff (b 1984) is Tallinn based conceptual artist. He belongs to the new intellectual generation of Estonian artist. In university he studied psychology and semiotics and now he works on the field of installation. He is interested in content-related
exchanges; his oeuvre is systems of constant transformation created in strong relation with the architectonical surroundings. He uses surrounding architectonics and readymades to shift the perception of the space.

Eva Labotkin: “Toomas Thetloff is a conceptual piece. His physical presence is rare and less important, what’s foregrounded is the substantial sharpness.”





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